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Business setup in India

If you represent a foreign company planning setting up and and doing business in India through a limited liability company, a branch office or just a startup representative office to gauge your plans; we can help you with your endeavors. For your basic understanding we have outlined our approach as below:


Talk to us...
Our Principal Consultant and managers/key personnel assigned by you.

LEVEL ONE - Objective: Vendor qualification

  • We have an overview of your needs and provide you with inputs on our capabilities, resources and team.
  • You analyze and give us detailed inputs with our assurance on maintaining your privacy policies; Method you choose!

You pay us a signing fee. CLICK HERE and get a proposal from us.

LEVEL TWO - Objective: Business Setup Plan - ENTITY - Liaison Office/Branch Office/Subsidiary/JV

We understand your business and proposed entry strategy, collate the information with our latest updates, carry out an analysis, extensively study/research on your industry vertical, identify key factors and professional resources needed and come back to you with a proposed action plan.

Discuss with you and derive a business plan for implementation.

LEVELTHREE - A - Objective: Entity Formation

Location Planning: Selection of the city/cities in India for main office and branches if any.

LEVEL THREE - B - Objective: Entity Formation

Assign you "Key Account Manager", present you options of professionals involved in clearing government procedures and regulations - scrutinize Qualified Chartered Accountant profiles for the city chosen as main office and finalize.


  • Regulatory Approval, clearances etc.
  • Legal assistance and guidance.
  • Financial Structuring
  • International tax

LEVEL FOUR - Real Estate

We integrate services of Real Estate consultant/s


  • - Premise options and selection (Lease or Buy)
  • Commercial Negotiation
  • Agreement

LEVEL FIVE - Human Resources

Select head hunting companies specializing in your industry vertical identified and conveyed detaled requirement for recruitment of key individual/s.


  • - Recruitment of key individual/s.
  • HR Issues, Labor Laws, etc.
  • Appointment

LEVEL SIX - Hand over and phased hand holding

Post handover we will continue to co-ordinate with your company key members and sourced service providers. You can optionally seek our services and recommendations on following areas:

  • Travel Agency: Air Travel, Hotel Booking, Transport Hire
  • Advertisement Agency for ATL/BTL MarketingĀ , Print Material..
  • Web Design and Development
  • Event Management Agencies

Payment Plan - CEECORP India:

1st : Upon contract signing
2ndĀ  Start of Level 5.

Payment Plan - Professional Services

As per payment terms specified in vendor quotations.

Other Expenses:

At the level 1 stage we will specify payment methods and schedules for expenses such as out station travel, hotel booking, local conveyance, brokerage if any, govt. levies & fee, etc.

You will have access to a single point of contact who would identify and present desired resources to you.

For feedback and enquiries please write to us